Beekeeping Course & Meet the Bees Experience

UPCOMING DATES for beekeeping courses and meet the bees experiences.

Sorry, it's been a busy season so there are no courses currently scheduled.



"I really enjoyed the beekeeping course. Very useful information delivered in an easy to understand format. Thanks very much...and lunch was yummy too!"

"Awesome beekeeping course. Great instructor. Great knowledge."

"Great insight. Very easy to understand. All questions answered."


Bees are such fascinating, hardworking and important creatures that we just love 'em!

If you're interested in setting up your own hives, learning about bees, or just want an interesting experience for you or a family member, we now offer three ways you can get up close and personal with apis mellifera (the honey bee) and our native Australian bees. By appointment only (Spring, Summer & early Autumn):


1. Introduction to Beekeeping Course (6hrs) with Beekeeper Mark

  • A more intensive beekeeping workshop for people committed to getting bees.
  • Cost: $185pp includes beekeeping suit hire, 6 hours of tuition, Bee-Agskills book valued at $25pp, morning tea.
  • (Accommodation onsite extra, or stay nearby)
  • Beekeeping course gift certificates available
  • Lunch optional $15pp or BYO
  • Contact us at the farmstay to book dates to suit

More About the Introduction to Beekeeping Course: Getting Started in Bee Keeping

Want to get started in bees and don't know who to turn to, what equipment to buy, where to get bees from, or how to protect your bees from pests like the small hive beetle? Maybe you just want to find out if you actually like being near bees before you invest money in your planned hobby, or perhaps you've inherited a hive. Whatever the reason, now's your chance to do something different for a few days. 

Why You Should Get into Bees

  • For fun and relaxation
  • Because your honey will taste fantastic
  • To help with hayfever (eating a small amount of honey every day from bees in your local area helps inoculate you to local pollen)
  • So you know your honey is pure, not processed
  • For family fun
  • To lower your food miles
  • Contentment
  • To earn extra money from honey sales
  • To improve pollination in your garden or on your farm
  • So you never need to buy presents for people of home grown honey is the ultimate
  • To make new friends with a local beekeeping group
  • To help save bees
  • For fitness and fascination
  • For mellow days watching your bees come and go
  • Because you only live once!


2. Beekeeper for a Morning  (9.30am-11.30am followed by honey tasting)

How cool! Have a fun morning at Honeycomb Valley Farm with one of our beekeepers. You'll suit up to visit the hives to see some Italian honey bees up close. Then you'll get a chance at spinning some raw honey - and tasting it of course! Suitable for 8yo to adult. Bookings are essential and the cost is $65 adults, $55 kids.

Add an Accommodation Package: You can find your own accommodation in the Forster, Taree, Hallidays Point or Nabiac area, or stay onsite at Honeycomb Valley Farm. There's a great pub bistro and coffee shop nearby, or the farmstay's cottages are very well set up if you want to self-cater.

What to Bring

We'll provide you with veil and gloves, but please also bring jeans, a long sleeve cotton shirt in a light/white colour (no wool), gumboots or workboots + socks. A hat. Notebook & pen Drink bottle for water

Course Payment: When you book, we'll send you out more information about the course, where and when to meet and more. A 50% deposit is required at time of booking your dates. This is refundable if you cancel more than 14 days out or if we have to postpone due to heavy rain. Otherwise, you will forfeit your deposit if you don't turn up.

Important Notes:

  • If heavy rain is forecast, the sessions will need to be rescheduled
  • You will need to sign a disclaimer that you are not allergic to bees
  • You will need to sign a liability waiver before partaking in the sessions
  • You'll need to have a beeawesome time!

It'll be sweet!