Organic Farmers Markets in Sydney

Wow, what a weekend! We headed down to Sydney to give the organic markets a try and ended up having a fantastic weekend catching up with lots of past farmstay guests...who would have thought you could fit 12 kids behind the counter of our little stall!?! Who would have thought the blokes would be willing to give our raw honey & goat's milk face mask a go!?!?!

Sydney beer-drinking metrosexuals giving our "farmerceuticals" fresh face mask a try!

Saturday we rolled up in the early hours...still dark! at the Hunters Hill / Gladesville market. It was a wee bit chilly but helper elf was well prepared:

Farmer's market mornings can be a wee bit chilly!

The Gladesville market has only been running three weeks but it was great to see such wonderful produce available including raw milk cheeses, artisan breads, mushrooms, fruit and veg, and what every stall holder needs at spinach and cheese gozleme! We set up in a little bit of drizzle, which is always fun (not!) when you don't want the goat's milk soap to get wet! :). Our new winter-blend lip balm "Honey Fix My Lips" went down a treat, as did our new goat's milk soap for dogs...we even heard about the only eskimo-doodle in Australia...or at least I think that's what the breed was! Super cute!

Sunday morning we were up before dawn, this time making a beeline for the long-running Frenchs Forest market. "Over the Moon" dairy weren't there on the day, so we were kindly given their hot spot (unfortunately because they weren't there we couldn't buy their great milk!). Our "Farm Balm" natural moisturiser (great for fine lines, our daughter's eczema and as an allround healthy moisturiser) was the star of the day, but the most fun was had thanks to so many visits from our past farmstay guests!!! Thanks for showing up guys!

Lots of the farmstay guest kids had their first taste of being Farmer's Market sellers, even going so far as to walk around the market accosting dog owners with our special goat's milk soap for canines. 

By the end of the day I'd won a bet with Miss 9 who guaranteed me that I wouldn't sell all the fresh lemonades we'd harvested from our trees (I thought it was a cross between an orange and a lemon, but according to Daleys Fruit Tree nursery it's a cross between a Meyer lemon and a true lemon). We cut some samples up into little pieces and anyone who tasted bought - this fruit is yumalicious! If you only have room for one tree in your backyard...don't plant a lemon, don't plant an orange...plant a lemonade!

So the Frenchs Forest Farmers Market was a lot of fun and it was so nice to have different farmstay guests meeting felt like family.  Food and farms really bring people together, and it was so nice to have friends there to help pack everything away at the end of the day for the trip back up the Pacific Highway to our own special patch: Honeycomb Valley.

I'm not sure when we'll be able to make the trek to Sydney again, so if you're on the mid north coast of NSW, keep an eye out for us at Gloucester, Pacific Palms and Nabiac Farmers Markets, or if you're further afield and would like to buy any of our farm-made beauty products, just get in touch. Support your local farmer's market and give the multi-nationals a run for their money!