Sun Ovens & Solar Cooking Story on Prime News

When Prime News were out the other day covering the farmstay for a story on the NSW tourism awards, they also filmed our Sun Ovens. We love solar cooking big time as it's such an easy way to reduce electricity consumption, keep heat in the house down in summer and we can take our little oven anywhere...camping, to the beach etc.  The big oven we use for catering for bus group tours and for melting our beeswax too for use in our Honeycomb Valley balms. 

Made in the USA by Global Sun Oven, we've been solar cooking for a few years now and really recommend it to other people who want to enjoy good food, cooked beautifully. You can make your own solar cooker or buy a specially insulated one, up to you!

Click here for the TV news story on the solar ovens so you can get an idea of what they look like.