Goats Milk Soaps

Goats Milk SoapsOur family make home-milked, hand-made raw goat's milk soaps to ensure all the benefits of goat's milk end up in your bar. Our soaps contain fresh, raw goats' milk from our lovely Saanen & British Alpine goat herd. Leaders of the pack are Ivy, Kay, Tracey & Princess, all of them have unique and fun personalities and forage each day across our paddocks before they put themselves to bed in their nice shed at night... for all their hardiness they really are girlie girls who like their comforts, so that's what we give them! Our farm is run on permaculture and natural farming principles so they have all sorts of great shrubs and trees, grasses and leaves to forage on, from native plants through to edible bamboo, pigeon pea to thistles, clover to corn...and when they make a run for it...sunflowers, macadamia trees and our vegetable patch!