Environmental Sustainability

** Platinum Green Leader Trip Advisor 2015 **

** Finalist - QANTAS Sustainable Tourism Award - NSW Tourism Awards 2013 **

Environmental Policy & Initiatives

As a family, a farm, a business and a community member we think a lot about - and act on - the imacts our business has on the environment. Our mission is to make the world a better place through tourism, and we work to minimise our carbon footprint while maximising our positive impacts.

It just makes sense to look after the land we are on, the insects who help us pollinate, and the people, waterways and the air we are blessed with. It also makes sense to us to do things today that will help people in the future  whether that is leaving them richer soil or knowledge or just not a huge mess to clean up smiley

We do these things in a number of ways through environmental sustainability initiatives including:

  • farming naturally without synthetic pesticides and herbicides
  • using and demonstrating solar cooking technology such as solar ovens, sun kettles and solar dehydrators on a small and commercial scale
  • providing habitat to increase biodiversity
  • entertaining and informing through innovative animal management such as our Hens on Holidays chicken caravans and the hotel for native bees.
  • growing and making ingredients we use to make soaps and balms such as beeswax, honey and goats milk
  • buying preloved and using recycled items wherever possible from the little (eg: shop shelving) to the large (eg: the farmgate shop itself! which is made out of a 40ft recycled shipping container)
  • using paper bags rather than plastic in our farmgate shop
  • making signs from old carboard boxes rather than plastic
  • composting and reusing on site all food waste (through chickens, worm farms, compost heaps)
  • supporting other local producers and artisans
  • growing and making our own souvenirs
  • saying no to bottled water and offering visitors filtered water
  • providing extensive information and workshops so others can enjoy the fun of learning and "doing" sustainability
  • choosing environmentally friendly products for cleaning and other purposes
  • using stainless steel plates, cups and water cannisters for longevity
  • writing a book with hundreds of fun environmental ideas for families
  • supporting local farmers markets
  • asking suppliers to minimise their packaging
  • choosing organic
  • growing plants such as herbs we can use for healthful teas, as well as those plants providing food for bees
  • sharing a library of great books with visitors so they can deepen their knowledge in areas ranging from herbs to native bees to simple living and transition towns.
  • deliberately creating a multi-culture farm rather than a monoculture
  • organically growing fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, free range eggs and honey
  • offering a refill service for our organic balm jars
  • creating and displaying art based on recycling
  • laundering sheets, towels and table cloths using natural detergents...and drying them in the sun rather than a dryer (shock horror!) wink
  • maintaining a 10kw solar power system

And plenty more! Sustainable business and sustainable farming is not only the right thing to do - it's also a whole lot of fun! That's why we share all these ideas with visitors, other businesses & our staff too!