In the Media

March 2017 - Voted one of the best farmstays in NSW by QANTAS Travel Insider - Best farmstays in NSW

Kochie's Business Builders Ch 7 - Nov 2015 - How to Accelerate Businss Growth - with Honeycomb Valley Farm and Lush Cosmetics Australia

NBN News - Apr 30 2015 - Honeycomb Valley Farm Buzzing with Tourists

The Road Ahead RACQ (Deb Eccleston) - Apr/May 2015 - Äustralia's version of 'The Good Life'...if you ever need proof that a sustainable life is possible, this is it...gorgeous animals...inspirational...

Grass Roots Magazine - Dec 2014 - Cover story about the farm, produce and the journey 

Carla Grossetti - Nov 2014 - "In a world where more people put stuff before simple and modern before mucking in, this is the sort of place to visit if you want to feel hopeful about humanity"  Read the travel blog here

Holidays with Kids magazine - October 2013 - a feature about the farmstay and all the things you can do on the Legendary Pacific Coast between Sydney and Coffs Harbour and beyond - by travel writer Daniel Scott. "....To my two girls, free to roam and interact with sheep, goats, alpacas, chickens and miniature Galloway cows, Honeycomb Valley Farm is indeed magical and for we parents, it is inspiring, both for its message of sustainability and its gently-educational environment..."

Fine Food Finds Flavour - The Land - 18th September 2013: About the regional producers, including Honeycomb Valley Farm, involved in Fine Food Australia on the "Flavours of NSW" stand. 

How Sweet it Is - Manning River Times - Sept 13th 2013: A feature about the farm, gourmet produce, sustainability and sugarbag honey.

Travel Section - Sun Herald - Sunday 12th May 2013: Coasting Along by Daniel Scott - an article about all the great things to see and do along the Legendary Pacific Coast

Sydney Morning Herald & Canberra Times - Tuesday 5th March 2013: An article about how we care for our bees and some of the things we get up to in our small family business & life....

"Bee Motel Buzzing in Spring" - Opening of the Native Bee Sanctuary at Honeycomb Valley Farm - ABC Rural Bush Telegraph - Kim Honan -  September 21 2012

"Walk with the Animals" - Daily Telegraph - Brian Johnston - April 2012

Sustainable Living at Honeycomb Valley Farm, Nabiac by Caz Makepeace of the YTravel blog

National Geographic Adventure Channel - Travel Oz with Greg Grainger

Eco Citizen Australia

Sydney Weekender with Mike Whitney

Open House Magazine - "Let the Sun Shine In" - March 2011 - feature on the Villager Sun Oven and solar cooking. "With the cost of energy increasing, the next few decades will see many businesses looking for ways to switch to alternative, less expensive sources of energy.. The Villager Sun Oven offers one such solution. Designed for large scale Honeycomb Valley Farm the oven is used to cater for bus groups..."

Australian Country Collections - Mar/April 2011 edition: feature piece by Kirsty McKenzie with photography by Ken Brass

Sydney Morning Herald & Brisbane Times, Sat 28th Jan 2011: The Lucky Country: Tim Elliot dreams of a different life after a few days at Honeycomb Valley

Focus Magazine - Manning Valley/Great Lakes - January 2011

Prime News, Monday 30th November 2010: The biggest solar oven in the country is cooking up a storm

Prime News, Tuesday 23rd November 2010: It was a podium finish for a number of north coast businesses at the recent NSW Tourism Awards.

Manning River Times, Tuesday 23rd November 2010: Farmstay Wins Bronze at the NSW Tourism Awards

Trespass Magazine, August 17 2010: Try Something New Tuesday - Honeycomb Valley Farm Balm and Goats Milk Soaps

Trespass Magazine, July 8 2010: My Brand New Favourite Lip Balm from Honeycomb Valley Farm