Miniature Galloway Cattle

You can't go past these cows for the cute factor, but they offer a whole lot more to the small farmer than just looks. Being a smaller cow (2/3 the size of a regular Galloway) they're easier on your paddock (okay...and on your eye). They're gentle on fences and as a breed, graze more widely than most other species of cattle...that means they aren't particularly picky eaters and do fairly well on poor pasture! We're registerd breeders of miniature galloways so if you're looking to start or add to your herd, please get in touch. But we only sell to good homes, these cows are too gorgeous to eat!


Feb 2015 - Hello HELEN TURNER, we received your message but not your contact details to be able to reply. Yes, we do have some beautiful miniature galloways for sale currently if you'd like to get in touch, please leave your contact details in your email. All the best, from us,