Australian Stingless Bees - A Guide to Sugarbag Beekeeping

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This great book by John Klumpp has helped many get started in native Australian beekeeping.John is generous with his knowledge and has a great commonsense approach that comes with being one of the pioneers of stingless beekeeping in Australia.

The book comprises 110 pages and has more than 200 photographs, it's a must have for anyone thinking of caring for stingless native bees!

Information included in the book:

- Stingless bee behaviour
- Queens, workers and drones
- How to find a nest in the bush
- Rescuing nests
- Tips on buying a hive
- Box designs
- Boxing a nest
- Splitting a hive
- Sugarbag honey
- Honey feeders
- Fighting swarms
- Pests and predators
- The cadaghi controversy
- Planting a bee-friendly garden
- Future of stingless beekeeping

You'll find it a great companion to your new companions